The sensor is based on the Allegro ACS758 analog high current Hall-effect sensor, which provides a low-offset and 100 μΩ resistance for low power loss and high inrush current capabilities.

Our M10121 board has two LTM8073 supplies for superb efficiency and uncompromised power delivery, one is fixed at 5.2V and the other has a selectable output from 5 to 12 V, more details below.

Integrated capacitors reduce voltage noise, however we still recommend to install the included electrolytic capacitor to compensate for long battery wire lengths and motor noise.

This board comes with a set of dip switches to optimize the range of the voltage ADC, given that the range is for up to 14S, this allows using lower cell counts without compromising the voltage indicator's precision.


Input voltage (max) 58.8V (14S)
Current rating 150A
Max current burst 200A
Sensor type Hall
BEC [V@C] 5.2V@3A (fixed)
BEC2 5,6,7,8,9,12V@3A (selectable)
Dimensions 50 mm x 50 mm
Weight 26g
Available interfaces  
Analog yes
CAN no
I2C no

[Made in USA]

What is included:

1 x XT90 Male to bare wire
1 x XT90 Female to bare wire

1 x MRC0259 6-pin Molex Clik-mate to 6-pin JST-GH
1 x MRC0262 6-pin Molex Clik-mate to bare wire, 24AWG
1 x MRC0263 4
-pin Molex Clik-mate to bare wire, 24AWG


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