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Dronecode.org standard. Used for I²C, also works for CAN.

The MRC0205 adapter cable is a versatile and essential accessory for UAV systems, designed to meet the Dronecode.org standard. With 4-pin JST-GH connectors on both ends, this cable is perfect for connecting devices such as PixRacer to I²C and CAN peripherals. Whether you’re integrating sensors, communication modules, or other components that utilize I²C or CAN protocols, the MRC0205 ensures secure and efficient data transmission. This cable is crucial for maintaining compatibility and reliability across your UAV’s systems, supporting high-performance operations and robust connectivity.

Common Applications:

  • Connecting PixRacer or compatible flight controllers to I²C devices.
  • Linking CAN-enabled peripherals to devices following the Dronecode.org standard.
  • Facilitating secure and efficient communication between various UAV components.


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