The MRC0219 adapter cable is a versatile solution designed to connect devices using different connector standards in UAV and robotics systems. This cable features a 4-pin JST-GH connector on one end and splits into a 4-pin Molex PicoBlade 51021 and a JR Servo Female connector on the other end. This unique configuration makes it ideal for applications where you need to interface components with varying connection types. Whether you're integrating sensors, servos, or other peripherals with a flight controller like PixRacer, this cable ensures secure and reliable connections, enhancing the flexibility and functionality of your setup.

Common Applications:

  • Connecting flight controllers like PixRacer to various sensors or peripherals.
  • Adapting devices with JST-GH connections to components using Molex PicoBlade and JR Servo connectors.
  • Integrating mixed-connector components in UAV and robotics projects for enhanced versatility.


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