The MRC0272 adapter cable is designed to provide a reliable and convenient connection for mRo Control Zero F7/H7 systems.

This cable features a 4-position PicoClasp connector on one end and a female Micro USB socket on the other, allowing for easy access to USB connectivity. It is ideal for linking the mRo Control Zero F7/H7 to peripherals and accessories that require a Micro USB connection, facilitating firmware updates, data transfers, and power supply.

Common Applications:

  • Connecting mRo Control Zero F7/H7 flight controllers to USB peripherals.
  • Enabling easy firmware updates and data transfers for UAV systems.
  • Providing power and data connectivity via a Micro USB interface.
  • Integrating Micro USB devices with the mRo Control Zero F7/H7 using PicoClasp connectors.

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