DISCLAIMER: This is a product in beta stage, limited warranty and support is available.

We have redesigned the old 3DR SiK radio to provide premium features such as true diversity and long range to enable BVLOS operative capacity in a small and power efficient package.
The radio uses open-source firmware which has been developed for the MAVLink standard protocol and may be integrated with major open source flight stacks and ground station software such as Mission Planner and QGC.

This item will pair to any existing SiK radio when configured adequately.
For more technical details please visit our docs site.

Board Specs:
  • Weight: 17.3g [0.610oz] w/o antennas
  • Dimensions: 54.7mm x 24.7 mm x 11.6 mm (bounding box including case and SMA connector)
  • Antenna connectors: RP-SMA
  • Max output power: +29dBm
  • Max current draw: 1.1A (peak)
  • Operating voltage: 3.8 to 5.5V (5.0V recommended)
  • Logic level: 3.3V
  • Serial connector: JST-GH 6 (pinout according to pinout documentation) 
General Purpose Antenna(s) Specs: 
  • Dimensions:  202mm (7.9in.) x 13mm ( 0.51in.)
  • Weight: 23.1g (0.81oz)
  • Total Weight: 63.6 g (2.24 oz) 
Long Range Tilt RF Antenna(s) Specs:
  • Dimensions: 140mm (5.5in.) x 10mm (0.39in.)
  • Weight: 13.9g (0.49oz)
  • Total Weight: 45.2 g (1.59 oz) 
What's included:
-MRC0206-150mm JST-GH 6-pin to JST-GH 6-pin.
-2x 3dBi 915 MHz antennas.

NOTE: This product is a subassembly. End user must ensure compliance of the resulting system with applicable regulations.

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