This is a "must-have" cable for quick testing and debugging.

The MRC0202 adapter cable is an essential tool for UAV developers and hobbyists, designed for quick testing, debugging, and prototyping. This versatile cable features a 6-pin JST-GH connector on one end and separates into six individual 2.54mm female headers on the other.

This configuration is perfect for interfacing sensors, autopilots, and other components with standard 2.54mm headers, such as those found on breadboards, Arduinos, and development boards. Whether you're connecting a PixRacer or another Dronecode.org standard device, the MRC0202 simplifies access to each pin, making it ideal for testing GPS, telemetry ports, and various other connections.

Common Applications:

  • Connecting sensors or autopilots like PixRacer to breadboards for prototyping.
  • Linking 6-pin JST-GH equipped devices to products with standard 2.54mm headers such as Arduino, OSDs, and various development boards.
  • Debugging and testing GPS and telemetry ports on autopilots.
  • Providing easy pin access for quick testing and development of UAV systems.
  • following Dronecode.org standard

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