The MRC0203 adapter cable is engineered to provide seamless connectivity between devices using different connector standards in UAV and robotics systems. Featuring a 6-pin JST-GH connector on one end and a 6-pin DF13 connector on the other, this cable is perfect for linking modern and legacy components.

Whether you need to connect new flight controllers like PixRacer to older GPS modules or adapt other peripherals that use DF13 connectors, the MRC0203 ensures a reliable and secure connection. This adapter simplifies integration and enhances the flexibility of your system, making it an essential tool for maintaining compatibility across your UAV setup.

Common Applications:

  • Connecting modern flight controllers with JST-GH connectors to legacy GPS modules with DF13 connectors.
  • Adapting UAV peripherals that use different connector standards.
  • Ensuring compatibility and integration in custom UAV and robotics projects.


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