Warning: MRC0200, MRC0203, and MRC0213 are very similar. Read carefully before buying.

MRC0213 converts all 6-pin DF13 <-> GH-JST, and is commonly used for Telemetry or Power Modules (BEC).

Using MRC0213 to connect 'New' GPS modules into PixHawk1 might cause issues, because PixHawk1 uses the I²C lines as Serial flow control.

The MRC0203 allows you to connect 'New' GPS modules following Droncecode.org standard into PixHawk1 GPS port, where I²C line is not required.

If I²C lines are required in conjunction with Serial (GPS) on PixHawk1 (please refer to MRC0200).

Common MRC0213 Applications:

  • Adapt any DF13 devices like 3DR Telemetry radios into PixRacer or any product following Dronecode.org Specifications.
  • Adapt new JST-GH devices like Power Modules into PixHawk1.

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