The MRC0200 adapter cable is a versatile solution designed to connect modern and legacy components within UAV systems. This cable features a 6-pin JST-GH connector on one end and splits into both a 6-pin DF13 and a 4-pin DF13 connector on the other end. This unique configuration allows you to integrate newer devices with JST-GH connectors to older hardware using DF13 connectors, such as linking a Pixhawk flight controller to various sensors or peripherals. The MRC0200 is ideal for upgrading and maintaining compatibility across different generations of UAV components, ensuring seamless and reliable communication and power distribution.

Common Applications:

  • Connecting Pixhawk or other flight controllers to legacy DF13 peripherals.
  • Integrating newer JST-GH equipped devices with older DF13 systems.
  • Facilitating data and power connections between different generations of UAV components.
  • Enhancing the flexibility and compatibility of UAV systems with mixed connector standards.

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