[Designed, manufactured and shipped from California]

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NOTE: plastic stand not included.
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The 3DR DualBand Wi-Fi radio is developed around the UBLOX ODIN-W260 module. It comes with a JST-SH 6 pin connector allowing you to easily integrate with existing autopilots. Supports UDP or TCP connections and can be configured as Station or Access Point.

The additional pinout lets developers implement custom MAVLink messages to interface with sensors or actuators out of the flight stack, which gives better fault tolerance for research or development applications.

1x MRC0295 JST-SH to JST-GH 6 pin cable (110mm)
1x MRC0292 JST-SH to JST-SH 6 -pin cable (60mm)
1x MRC0291 JST-SH 4-pin (60mm)
1x Dual band flat antenna w/adhesive (55x18mm)

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