The 3DR Quad Zero drone is a sub-250g focused on ultralight payloads and extended flight times (1hr). This kit is perfect as a development platform, educational or even a light show drone - light fixture coming soon!

We provide a full build guide for Ardupilot and PX4, for beginners and experienced builders alike here. We developed a telemetry radio around this platform to enhance its "developer platform" character, as it provides the hardware to include external sensors and send information over custom MAVLink messages, or on the contrary use those messages to push commands to any actuator without disrupting the flight stack or the autopilot's pinout.

Assembly Guide

Update: this kit now ships with ExpressLRS, replacing the previously used FrSky R-XSR radio receiver. If your order needs the FrSky receiver instead, please send us an email info@3dr.com

Large Order Information:

Please note that for orders of 8 or more units additional lead time is required for fulfillment. If you need an estimate for shipping times or have special requests, please send us an email info@3dr.com

Technical Specs/Features:

Item: 3DR Quad Zero Kit
Included items: - QZ Frame
- QZ Carrier Board
- 4x M2-2202 brushless motors
- GPS with Mag
- GPS Mount
- Dual Band WiFi Telemetry (optional)
- Battery Pack
Wheelbase: 265mm / 10.43in
Width: 205mm/8.07in (no props)
Frame material: Fiber reinforced plastic
Flying Weight: 249 g
Motors: 3DR M2-2202
Motor screw hole size: 1.6 mm
Motor shaft diameter: 4 mm
Propeller screws: M2 x 4 mm
Propeller screws distance: 9 mm
ESC: 4x13A 2-4S BLHeli_S
Propeller size: 7"x5.5"2
Battery: 2S 4200mAh Li-Ion
Battery connector: BT2.0, JST-SH
USB connector: Yes (micro USB)
Flight stack compatibility: Ardupilot and PX4
GPS spec: 3DR M10038 SAM GPS + IST8308 Mag
Power module: 3DR Power Zero equivalent embedded in carrier board
Telemetry radio: 3DR WiFi DualBand ODIN Telemetry Radio M10114 (optional)
Radio Receiver UPDATE: now using ExpressLRS
Extra sensors: - VL53L1X ToF embedded in carrier board
For evaluation only; not FCC approved for resale.

FCC NOTICE: This kit is designed to allow:

(1) Product developers to evaluate electronic components, circuitry, or software associated with the kit to determine whether to incorporate such items in a finished product and

(2) Software developers to write software applications for use with the end product. This kit is not a finished product and when assembled may not be resold or otherwise marketed unless all required FCC equipment authorizations are first obtained.


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