Update: 03/21/2024

Effective March 21st 2024, motor version change to M2-2202 with mounting screws of M1.6 x 4 

This change equates -2.7 grams per motor (-10.8 grams in a 4 pack)!

(prop-screw size remains M2, and the pattern remains the same)

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The M2-2202 Brushless Motor is the latest iteration of our high-performance motors, now updated as of March 21, 2024, to deliver even lighter weight and improved efficiency. This pack of four motors is specifically designed for the mRo Quad Zero platform and is optimized for use with 2S batteries and 7x5.5 props. With the updated M2-2202 version, each motor now features M1.6 x 4 mounting screws, reducing the weight by 2.7 grams per motor—totaling a significant weight saving of 10.8 grams for the entire pack.

These custom low-KV motors are engineered to provide excellent thrust-to-weight ratios, achieving up to 180 grams of static thrust at maximum throttle. Perfect for hobbyists and professionals looking to enhance their drone's performance, the M2-2202 motors ensure smooth and powerful operation.

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Technical Specs/Features:

Item Name: mRo MI-2202
Weight: 9.1 g
Motor shaft size: 4 mm
Motor screw hole size: 1.6 mm
Prop screw hole size: 2 mm
Motor screw pattern: 12 mm


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