Update: 03/21/2024

Effective March 21st 2024, motor version change to M2-2202 with mounting screws of M1.6 x 4 

This change equates -2.7 grams per motor!

(prop-screw size remains M2, and the pattern remains the same)

For quotes on large orders and lead times, please send your inquiry to info@3dr.com or call us at 619-503-1003.

Custom low-KV motors for our Quad Zero platform, paired with 2S batteries and 7x5.5 props we got a static thrust of 180g at max throttle.

If you need shipping ETA or special requests, please email us at info@3dr.com

Technical Specs/Features:

Item Name: mRo M2-2202
Weight: 9.1 g
Motor shaft size: 4 mm
Motor screw hole size: 1.6 mm
Prop screw hole size: 2 mm
Motor screw pattern: 12 mm


The measurements below are shipping related:

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