[Manufactured and shipped from California] -- This battery is NOT compatible with Quad Zero "PRO". Releasing 2024

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Manufactured and shipped from California, the mRo 2S 4200mAh Li-Ion Battery Pack is designed to deliver reliable power for a variety of UAV applications. This battery pack features two cells with a nominal voltage of 7.4V, providing a substantial capacity to keep your UAV operational for extended periods. It's equipped with a BT2.0 power connector and a JST-SH 3-pin balance connector, ensuring compatibility with standard UAV systems.

Please note, this battery is NOT compatible with the Quad Zero "PRO" model. It should be charged using the regular Li-Po battery setting on your charger, not the Li-Ion setting, to maintain optimal performance and safety.

The battery pack also includes two 2-56 threaded inserts spaced 31mm apart, allowing for easy mounting of custom payloads. With a lightweight design and a discharge rate of 3C, this battery pack is ideal for various UAV applications that require efficient and stable power supply.

Key Features:

  • High capacity 4200mAh for extended flight times.
  • Designed for various UAV applications with easy payload mounting.
  • Compatible with standard UAV power and balance connectors.
  • Lightweight and compact for efficient performance.


Technical Specifications:

Number of cells: 2
Nominal voltage: 7.4V
Width: 40.8 mm
Length: 70.8 mm
Weight: 126.8 g [0.28lb]
Power connector: BT2.0
Balance connector: JST-SH 3-pin
Discharge rate: 3C

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