This is the next generation of the uBlox SAM GPS module with the IST8308 compass. Click here if you are looking for the full-size version (better sensitivity).

The module features the IST8308 magnetometer as the latest upgrade, that is why the PCB still says IST8310. Compared to the IST8310, the IST8308 has less temperature drift, more sensitivity, and a built-in noise filter. Old GPS versions also used the LIS3MDL, which doesn't even come close to the old IST8310, so there is no need to say more.

Other goodies included are the PPS/GND signal pads, rechargeable coin battery, status LED, and standard JST-GH connector (GPS and I2C).

What is included:

-1x uGPS ublox Sam M8Q.
-1x 6-Pins JST-GH to 6-Pins JST-GH - MRC0206

JST-GH Pin out information:

Dimensions: 30mm x 30mm x 11.5mm.

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