Introducing the cutting-edge mosaic-X5 L1/L2/E5 RTK CAN GPS, a trailblazing addition to our high-performance GPS lineup. Harnessing the power of Septentrio's elite GNSS receiver, the mosaic-X5 sets a new standard for robust, high-speed, low-latency applications (100Hz). Packed with versatile features, it facilitates effortless configuration, spectrum analysis, data logging, and post-processing for a range of earth science applications.

Mosaic X5 GPS

This all-encompassing solution fuses CAN connectivity, an RM3100 magnetometer, a DPS310 barometer, and a Wi-Fi module for seamless access to the mosaic-X5's web server capabilities on the move. All these components are housed within a sleek plastic enclosure. Our ingenious design combines the antenna, receiver, and CAN node, offering a space and weight-saving alternative to traditional active antennas while eliminating signal degradation from u.Fl/SMA connectors and lengthy cables.


Septentrio's mosaic-X5 GNSS receiver module boasts a suite of proprietary technologies that set it apart from the competition. Their AIM+ (Advanced Interference Mitigation) technology safeguards against intentional and unintentional jamming sources, ensuring consistent and reliable performance even in challenging RF environments. The receiver's LOCK+ technology maintains signal tracking during high vibrations or shocks, making it ideal for demanding applications such as UAVs and robotics. Furthermore, Septentrio's advanced RAIM+ (Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring) algorithm delivers unmatched integrity and reliability, providing a safety net for mission-critical applications. These cutting-edge technologies solidify the mosaic-X5 as a top-tier solution for robust and high-performance positioning, enabling users to tackle a diverse array of projects with confidence.

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