DroneCAN PWM Adapter: Enhance Your System with Precision

Unlock the potential of your drone or robotics project with our DroneCAN PWM Adapter. This essential board bridges the gap, allowing for the addition of 12 PWM channels to any system, ensuring precise control over your servos and peripherals. With its compact dimensions (33 mm x 31 mm) and lightweight design (3.5g bare, 6.32g with pins), it's the perfect upgrade for any setup requiring refined control and expandability. Operating at a voltage of 4.8-5.2 V and featuring isolated power pads for servo power, this adapter is designed for seamless integration and optimal performance.

Variants Available:

  • Unsoldered Pins: For those who prefer custom configuration or have specific needs for their setup, our unsoldered version offers the flexibility to tailor your connections. Perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike who seek a hands-on approach.

  • Pre-Soldered Pins: Opt for convenience with our pre-soldered pins variant. Designed for ease of use, this version allows for quick and hassle-free installation, so you can focus more on what matters – your project's success.

Whether you're setting up a new project or upgrading an existing system, our DroneCAN PWM Adapter variants are crafted to provide you with the flexibility and reliability you need to bring your ideas to life.

We include two crucial cables to ensure a seamless setup from the moment you unbox:

  • MRC0205 - 4-Pin JST-GH to 4-Pin JST-GH
  • MRC0220 - 4-Pin JST-GH to 4-Pin JST-GH


Lead time is currently estimated for 6 weeks. Please email us if you need urgent assistance.

Specification Value
Dimensions 33 mm x 31 mm
Weight 3.5g, 6.32g with pins
PWM outputs 12
UART 1x available via solder pads
Operating voltage 4.8 - 5.2 V
Servo power Isolated power pads


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Lead time is currently estimated for 6 weeks. Please email us if you need urgent assistance.
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