Experience unparalleled accuracy in navigation with our M10041C ZED-F9P RTK GNSS receiver, featuring an external antenna with MMCX connector for optimal signal reception. This robust module includes the RM3100 compass module and a CAN node, enhancing connectivity and navigational precision across various applications.

Available in two options to cater to different signal requirements: the L1/L2 (ZED-F9P-04B) for general high-accuracy needs and the L1/L5 (ZED-F9P-15B) for even greater precision and reliability in challenging environments.


  • External Antenna Support: Includes an MMCX connector for external antenna usage, ensuring enhanced signal quality and reliability.
  • Dual Frequency Options: Choose between L1/L2 and L1/L5 frequencies to suit specific application requirements.
  • Integrated RM3100 Compass: Enhances directional accuracy and stability.
  • CAN Node Integration: Facilitates seamless communication within networked systems.
  • Versatile Applications: Ideal for high-precision navigational tasks in UAVs, robotics, and surveying equipment.

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