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The 3DR Quad Zero Frame, engineered for optimal performance and agility. This frame is crafted in-house from fiber-reinforced plastic, striking an ideal balance between stiffness and weight for advanced drone enthusiasts. Featuring a wheelbase of 265 mm and a sleek black finish, it ensures responsive and agile flight characteristics. Suitable for various motor setups with a 12 mm screw pattern and additional mounting options for customization.

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Technical Specs/Features:

Item Name: 3DR Quad Zero frame
Wheelbase: 265 mm / 33.85 in
Width: 205 mm / 22.44 in
Weight: 21.85 g
Material: Fiber reinforced plastic
Color: Black
Motor screw hole size: 2 mm
Motor screw pattern: 12 mm
Top screw pattern: 51.5 x 44.5 mm
Top screws hole size: 1.8mm (#2)

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