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DIY Your Own Drone with the mRo Quad Zero Frame 3D Print File

Embrace the world of drone DIY with our downloadable mRo Quad Zero frame 3D print file. This design mirrors the precision and efficiency of our in-house printed frames but gives you the freedom to bring it to life on your own 3D printer.

Key Features:

  • Item Name: 3DR Quad Zero frame 3D print file.
  • Wheelbase: 265 mm / 33.85 in, perfect for a balanced flight.
  • Width: 205 mm / 22.44 in, designed for stability.
  • Material Suggestion: Fiber-reinforced plastic for an ideal balance between stiffness and weight.
  • Motor Compatibility: Designed with 2 mm screw holes and a 12 mm motor screw pattern.
  • Top Screw Pattern: 51.5 x 44.5 mm with 1.8mm (#2) holes for easy assembly.

This file is perfect for hobbyists and professionals who prefer to print their drone components. Whether you're a seasoned drone builder or a newcomer to the UAV world, this frame design offers a satisfying project with impressive results.

Please Note: This download is for the 3D print file only. For fully printed frames or specific inquiries, visit our main product page or contact us at info@3dr.com


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