The mRo JST-GH GPS port to I²C Bus Splitter is a fantastic way to branch out your I²C signal from your GPS cable.

Normally, the GPS port on new PixHawk autopilots like PixRacer or PixHawk 2 runs the I²C data lines needed by the magnetometer and other onboard GPS features. This splitter allows you to "extract" those signals so you can hook more I²C sensors without affecting the functionally of your GPS. Note that PixRacer does not have a dedicated I²C port, so the only way you can get to the I²C port is by using this board, the Active Hub, or our Purple GPS (the first GPS to offer this port onboard).

The Active Hub does exactly the same, but allows you to actively select the level signal, which is very helpful in case you are using non-standard I²C or 5V signals rather than 3.3V (like cloned airspeed sensors). So this splitter is actually a "Passive Hub" and as long as you buy original accessories from us, you won't need to buy an Active Hub, saving you some money (unless you require a signal booster).

The splitter has two 6-pin JST-GH connectors. You can attach your autopilot (PixRacer) to either of the two or the GPS in the other.
The remaining 4-pin JST-GH connectors can be attached to any I²C device.

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