[Designed & Assembled in California]

The mRo JST-GH I²C Bus Splitter is a fantastic way to branch out your I²C signal. This device allows you to connect more I²C devices by sharing the same bus.

I²C flexibility makes the 'mRo JST-GH I²C Bus Splitter' very easy to use. Just plug any of the five ports into your PixRacer or compatible autopilot I²C line and you are all set! The remaining 4 ports on your splitter will be ready to use as Master I²C.

The splitter works well with our mRo Purple GPS. The Purple GPS, or GPS002-MR, is and always will be the most advanced GPS for the DIY market. If a new technology hits the market, you can guarantee that it will be offered in our latest model. The GPS002-MR is the first GPS to feature an onboard I²C (anyone after us is just a copycat) which can be easily expanded by our 'mRo JST-GH I²C Bus Splitter'.

If you need to branch out the I²C signal before reaching the GPS, which is a common situation on PixRacer, you can check our GPS I²C Bus Splitter, which basically forks the I²C line out of the GPS cable. [Insert link here]

You can also adapt it to your PixHawk 1 by using the MRC0201 converter cable, allowing you to hook up any I²C device using a JST-GH connector, like our Airspeed sensor.


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