Most digital airspeed sensors out there are using I2C signals leveled at 5V, which does not meet the PixHawk standards. This version comes with a level translator that allows it to operate at 3.3V (SCL & SDA). Note the power supply is still 5V.

Now comes with a high-quality aluminum pitot tube and non-absorbing PVC tube that provides better humidity stability (and reading performance). The tube is very clear, so you can easily monitor for inner impurities.

From outside it just looks like a regular airspeed board, but if you remove the actual sensor, you will see that it includes little extra electronics to solve this issue, such as an I2C Level Translator and a 3.3V Voltage Regulator.

The Classic airspeed sensor is equipped with a Measurement Specialties 4525DO sensor that has a 1 psi measurement range. Resolution is 0.84 Pa with data delivered at 14 bits from a 24 bit delta-sigma ADC via an I2C interface.

What is included:
-I²C Airspeed Sensor JST-GH
-MRC0205 - 4-Pin JST-GH to 4-Pin JST-GH]
-Pitot Tube
-RoHs compliant, highly flexible, clear PVC tubing (
2ft/61cm). Durometer 65A.

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