Introducing our RM3100 e-Compass Module, initially designed for internal use and now available for broader applications. This compact module is perfect for projects requiring a high-performance magnetic sensor with flexible interfacing options. Whether you're integrating into a thinner board or need enhanced magnetic sensing, the RM3100 module is your ideal choice. It supports both I2C and SPI modes, making it versatile for various design requirements. Contact us for footprint recommendations and ensure the best fit for your project needs.


  • High-Performance Sensing: Utilizes the RM3100 compass, known for its precision and reliability in magnetic field detection.
  • Flexible Interfacing: Selectable between I2C and SPI modes to accommodate different communication requirements.
  • Compact Design: Ideal for integration into thinner boards or systems where space is a premium.
  • Technical Support Available: Get in touch for tailored footprint recommendations to optimize your design.

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