In 2014, 3DRobotics launched the original Pixhawk controller that over the years has been the architecture of choice for most open source based robotic drones.
During last 7 years, this design has spawned countless derivatives. Before now there was no choice for a modern, drop in, substitution for the Pixhawk 1.

The mRobotics Control Zero Classic features the exact same form factor as the Pixhawk 1 with a significant number of improvements as well as fully made in the USA.

- STM32H743 MCU.
- 14 direct driven PWM outputs for bidirectional dShot.
- Dual full 8Mb FDCAN hardware support.
- 32kb FRAM.
- BMI088,
- ICM20602,
- ICM20948 IMUs,
- DPS310 barometric sensor.

Quality, support, and value you can depend on.

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